So here’s some more visuals of people and places here in northern Ghana!

Northern Region MoFA office in Tamale

I woman and her child waiting at the bus station

Little kitten in Gushiegu at the compound where I stayed

Eat Ghana Rice campaign sign - a past EWB MoFA intiative

napping in the bus station

Mr. Bawa and Mr. Zak - on my visit to Gushiegu

Mr. Ali, myself, and the Director Dr. Dicksen - on my visit to Bunkpurungu

Safia and her son reading the letter that Nadia (past volunteer) sent with me to give to Safia

My friend Kofi and I near his place in Navrongo

The place I've been staying at in Navrongo (I'm planning on moving)

hope you enjoy the visuals, I’m still on the road and I’ll try to put up a post about my work, that is, what I’m doing traveling to different districts and how it’s been going.